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The team leaders and project managers are confident in their abilities to guide this organization to success.


Samir Peshori


Brendan Steckler
Product Owner


 Riyad Moughawech
 Public Relations Officer

The Team

The NJIT Solar Car Team consists of two main subteams, the Development Team and the Operations Team. 

Development Team

The Development Team is reponsible for all technical work that goes on for all aspects of the car. All the mechanical, electrical, and solar work is covered under this branch. From the development of the steering, suspension, and body work to the development of our solar array, battery, and intermediary systems, all of this is handled under the Development Team's work. 


The Operations Team is responsible for all the finanical management of the team. From raising funds and delegating finances, all accounting is done under Operations. Bolstering the teams name via the use of social media, and displaying our effortless work are great ways to get our name and cause out there. Enhancing the propagation of all information about the NJIT’s Solar Car Team is also a vital responsiblility.

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