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New York International Auto Show

Our car being showcased at the New York International Auto Show

Written by: Samir Peshori
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
April 2019


Two years of work comes a long way, and it truly showed during the New York International Auto Show. This was the team's first opportunty to display our car at such a large scale event and was a truly memorable experience. The car had driven many peoples' curiosity at the show, and we had received wonderful feedback about our work and progress. We had hoped with our efforts, that this exposure would make others realize the potential of not only the future of electric vehicles, but also what renewable energy is capable of doing.

My Time on the Team

Written by: Samir Peshori 
January 22nd, 2019


My time at our school's solar car team has been invaluable and has created unforgettable memories along the way.  I am currently a sophomore at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and have been part of the team since the beginning of my freshmen year.  In the beginning I was part of the team's telemetry subteam, as I am a Computer Science major at the school, and we had accomplished several achievements in my first year on the team.  Now I am the team's Operations Manager, taking on a completely different and new challenge, outside of my area of study, helping to bolster our outreach and finances.  This opportunity has allowed me to expand my scope of work and knowledge.  Now, I see myself continuing to help the team in these areas for the rest of time here at this school.


The team is in front of our school's campus center displaying our work to our fellow peers and staff.
Written by: Samir Peshori
October 13, 2018


After continual work, we were able to display our efforts at our school's Homecoming event. It was a great time to connect with peers in and out of the team and make others aware of our cause and goals. The opportunity was great for the team to enjoy the festivities at the school and commemorate the time they have put into the car.   

Our First Test

In the parking deck of our very own school, running our first test of the car.
Written by: Calin Blauth
September 18, 2018


After over a year's of hard work we were able to complete our car's first test. We are proud of where we have come to in our journey thus far, but we have also learned a lot about what we must do to progress forward with our efforts. It was not only a validation of our work for ourselves, but also our advisors.


Our Team in Front of Lake Michigan on the 4th of July on the way to the 2018 Solar Car Challenge in Hastings, NE.
Written by: Stephen Katz
Summer 2018


Over the summer our team was fortunate enough to go to Nebraska to participate in the American Solar Challenge. Unfortunately our car was not finished, however we did not let that deter us from going. Between the 30 hour drive and having 18 people in a single family house, we were able to stay the entire week of the competition. Even though we didn’t bring the car we made friendships with other teams and learned valuable information about how the competition is run and what to expect in the future. This semester we plan to finish this car and have it ready to go by October.

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