The NJIT Solar Car team consists of 7 subteams each specializing in their own field.

Electrical Team

The electrical team is responsible for designing the intermediate systems that will allow for proper interface between each electrical subsystem required for the car’s operation.

Mechanical Team

Responsible for the major car components (suspension, steering, brakes, body, and chassis assemblies). Ensures safety and works to maximize overall vehicle power efficiency.

Solar Team

Responsible for the design and layout of the solar and supplementary array, the charge system, and the connections to the battery system.

Battery Team

The battery team is responsible for designing, constructing, and protecting the battery pack for the solar car.

Telemetry Team

Telemetry team works on the internal network of the car as well as developing the UI for the driver.

Embedded Systems Team

Embedded systems develops software for controlling and protecting the vehicle.

Marketing Team

The marketing team is responsible for the propagation of all information about the NJIT’s Solar Car Team.


The team leaders and project managers are confident in their abilities to guide this organization to success

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