Electrical Team

The electrical team is responsible for designing the intermediate systems that will allow for proper interface between each electrical subsystem required for the car’s operation. The electrical team is broken into electrical sub-teams who work together to make sure system designs meet operational requirements while also satisfying the provisions to pass competition inspection.

Team Members: Jeffrey Jude, Tyler Cona, Magnus Harris, Roberto Adamson, Keta Shah, Vraj Patel, Mustafa Shukri, Troy Asare, Aravind Chavdavcrapu, Saeed Alqahtani

Jason Murzello

Electrical Team Leader

Electrical Engineering, 2018

Chair of NJIT IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Student Chapter. Works on coding and assembling robotics and controls-related projects while also running coding workshops for Arduino. Besides school projects, interns at F.M.E. Music LLC to code, design, and assemble open-source DJ/sound equipment.

Adrian Lopez

Mechanical Team Leader

Mechanical Engineering Technology, 2018

Minor in Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Spent 2 years as a chassis subteam leader for the NJIT Baja Team, helping the team go from almost last to 1st place in endurance race in just 2 years. A member of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) chapter at NJIT. Certified in SolidWorks and specializes in 3D CAD since junior year of high school. Enthusiast of automobiles, technology, and aerial cinematography.

Mechanical Team

Mechanical team designs components for suspension, steering, brakes, body, and chassis assemblies while analyzing their stresses in 3D CAD to ensure safety and efficient weight to structural rigidity ratio to help maximize overall vehicle power efficiency.

Team Members: Ghada Al, Giacomo, Jinal Patel, Pranav, Kyla Watt, Matthew Burger, Dan Ramirez, Chris Jackson, Bryan Cullano, Mina Abdelmelek, Jerome, Jorge Castellano

Solar Team

The Solar Cell team is responsible for the design and layout of the solar array, supplementary array, the charge system, and most importantly, the connections to the battery system. The team seeks to employ a novel approach in the solar array system by utilizing high efficiency solar panels backed with an additional solar array to be used exclusively during checkpoints.

Nestor Guzman

Solar Team Leader

Electrical Engineering, 2018

Nestor is an Electrical Engineer, and comes from a variety of skill sets. Aside from his work with the Solar Car Team, he manages an off-campus non-profit organization called Together We Stand, and works part-time within the family business while taking full credits. Nestor is also a passionate motorcycle and car builder, who has successfully managed to pay his tuition every single semester by building and selling vintage Jeep Wranglers and custom motorcycles. Described as the “hippie” engineer, he is a renewable energy advocate and is an avid outdoorsman. You can often catch him sleeping on the couch in our office when he isn’t busy being stupendous.

Battery Team

The battery team is responsible for designing, constructing, and protecting the battery pack for the solar car. The main objective is to design a battery pack that will safely and efficiently deliver the power needed by the rest of the car.

Team Members: Nishannt Goswamy, Diego Ramos, Benjair, Asmat, Abdul-Baqi Okoya, Treyvor Jannarone

Gregory Escobar

Battery Team Leader

Computer Engineering, 2019

Math and Physics tutor at the Educational Opportunity Program at NJIT, Gregory is a junior majoring in computer engineering. He transferred from Essex County College in Fall 2016. He volunteers as a tutor at the Helen & John C. Hartman Electrical & Computer Engineering Department. He joined the NJIT Solar Car team in June 2017 as part of the Battery Protection Division and later become the Subdivisional Team Leader for Battery Systems.

Dominic Gannon

Battery Team Leader

Computer Engineering, 2020

Member of the Albert Dorman Honors College at NJIT, Dominic is currently a sophomore majoring in computer engineering. He joined the solar car project in August as part of the battery team. He does community service work with both the honors college and various clubs outside of school. Dominic is passionate about computer engineering and hopes to be involved with some internships sometime next year.

Stephen Katz

Telemetry Team Leader

Computer Engineering, 2020

Stephen is a second year computer engineering major who joined the project in august as part of the telemetry team. He enjoys integrating software with hardware and hopes to work on computer hardware development.

Telemetry Team

Telemetry team works on the internal network of the car as well as developing the UI for the driver. We optimize the car by interpreting all the data that is produced by key components of the car such as the MPPT and BPS.This is accomplished by utilizing modern microcontrollers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi as well as communication modules like LoRa to structure our network.

Team Members: Jeff Kim, Vincent Capizzi, Samir Peshori, Dev Acharya, Craig Cortright, Nayeem Kamel

Marketing Team

The marketing team is responsible for the propagation of all information about the NJIT’s Solar Car Team. Often working closely with other subteams, the marketing team is in charge of running all of the team’s official pages, compiling and ordering content for those pages, and creating media to generate interest and excitement about the project. The marketing team also assists the business team in their goal to raise the funds for the team.

Team Members: Akin Aguda, Hariprasad Ashwene, Jeremiah Akoto, Alex Pannucci, Calin Blauth, Daniela Bogantes

Kaylin Wittmeyer

Marketing Team Leader

Digital Design, 2021

Kaylin is a first-year Digital Design student, who is incredibly thrilled that she decided to join the Solar Car Team. Besides working with Solar Car, Kaylin is also the layout assistant and senior staff writer for the Vector newspaper, and a member of NJIT SIGGRAPH. Kaylin hopes to get an internship next year, and eventually wants to work in animation. Kaylin is also a member of the Albert Dorman Honors College.